English to Tamil Meaning :: deceased

Deceased :
- இறந்தவரின்

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(1) Her conduct as solicitor of the administration of the estate of Cecil Burrows deceased was the subject matter of an application for a remuneration certificate.(2) Fr McCauley from the Dominican Priory celebrated the mass for the living and the deceased members of the community.(3) Five days before his death she had left the marital home, and the question was whether there was any prospect of a reconciliation between the plaintiff and her deceased husband.(4) The deceased was always sober and coherent at the time of such conversations and had no reason to lie to her brother as she had nothing to gain from it.(5) The deceased remained with her parents, where the appellant also stayed from time to time.(6) They have set out plans for a club reunion with Mass in St. Abban's Church, Doonane, at 7.30 pm for the living and deceased members of the Club.(7) She is deceased , your Honour, as I understand it.(8) The deceased 's solicitor and his social worker had concerns for his well being.(9) On the third, seventh, and fortieth day after a loved one's death, there are large gatherings dedicated to the deceased 's memory.(10) The jury found that the deceased had killed himself while the balance of his mind was disturbed.(11) However, there is an important difference in the nature of the decision to be made by the surrogate of a living patient and the surrogate of a deceased patient.(12) There is also evidence that living donor kidneys give significantly better results than kidneys from deceased donors.(13) The names of thousands of deceased residents have not been taken off state voting lists because of bureaucratic oversight.(14) The deceased came to Canada from Greece in 1965, followed by his brother Steve in 1967.(15) The deceased was found with multiple head injuries on a footpath after the two accused had left him.(16) The deceased was born in Portugal but worked for several years in Mozambique at a cement factory owned by a distant relative.
Related Words
(1) decease ::
1. dead ::
3. departed ::
4. gone ::
5. no more ::
இனி இல்லை
7. late ::
8. lost ::
9. lamented ::
12. slain ::
14. killed ::
16. lifeless ::
17. extinct ::
19. six feet under ::
கீழ் ஆறு அடி
20. pushing up daisies ::
டெய்ஸி மலர்கள் வரை தள்ளி
22. asleep ::
23. deceased person ::
இறந்துபோன நபர்
24. decedent ::
25. departed ::
26. dead person ::
இறந்த நபர்
27. expire ::
28. pass away ::
விட்டு கடந்து
29. perish ::
30. croak ::
31. exit ::
32. go ::
33. choke ::
34. kick the bucket ::
உயிரை மாய்த்தல்
35. drop dead ::
இறந்த கைவிட
36. pass ::
37. die ::
38. pop off ::
ஆஃப் பாப்
39. snuff it ::
அது மூக்குப்பொடி
40. buy the farm ::
விவசாய வாங்க
41. cash in one's chips ::
ஒருவரின் சில்லுகள் பணம்
42. conk ::
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