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சந்தியாகால இருட்டுஅரையிருள்
Dusk :
- அந்தி

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Noun(1) the time of day immediately following sunset
Verb(1) become dusk

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(1) From the valley comes a drumbeat of hooves as a tall horse gallops through the dusk shadows, bare but for a slim, young boy.(2) As dusk fell the quality of the music rose noticeably.(3) I have no idea where we went, except to say that it was probably east, and we walked two hours to a point and two hours back to the summit and then pitched our tent in the dusk .(4) They look beautiful in the dusk as the lights inside shine through the carving.(5) In the half-light his mind tricks would work more effectively, since the dusk was conducive to belief more than was high noon.(6) As dusk fell and turned to night, an elderly cleric began to recite several verses of the Koran while the congregation repeated after him.(7) shortly before dusk(8) he arrived at dusk(9) Open, solid, and hatched bars are the hours of lights on, lights off, and dusk lighting, respectively.(10) When dusk fell, the serenity of the Mojave Desert swallowed the small city, reclaiming it to the still of the night.(11) As he stood up against the fading light of the dusk , the hard trek was behind.(12) Hours passed, the dusk of curfew crept, the body remained.(13) As the dusk fell, heart-wrenching songs on the plight of child workers were sung.(14) As dusk falls their hemlines get higher, their V-lines lower, more revealing, vulgar.(15) I fell in love with his home town, Aleppo, as soon as we arrived, weary in the dusk of a balmy, jasmine-scented evening.(16) As dusk fell only one had taken them up on the offer - the rest opting to remain in their homes or stay with relatives.
Related Words
(1) at dusk ::
அந்திப் பொழுதில்
1. twilight ::
2. nightfall ::
3. sunset ::
சூரிய அஸ்தமனம்
4. sundown ::
சூரியன் மறைந்த
5. evening ::
6. close of day ::
நாள் நெருங்கிய
7. semidarkness ::
8. gloom ::
10. gloaming ::
மாலை ஒளி
11. eventide ::
1. bright ::
2. brilliant ::
3. light ::
4. lucid ::
5. luminous ::
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