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Hearsay :
- வதந்தி

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Noun(1) gossip (usually a mixture of truth and untruth
Adjective(1) heard through another rather than directly

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(1) hearsay evidence(2) It was quite striking that the one person in the article who had something negative to say was basing his opinion on hearsay rather than on facts.(3) This being a small town, the community is awash with rumour, secrets and hearsay , often tinged with a touch of mysticism.(4) These powers include the ability to convict suspects by innuendo, hearsay and rumour.(5) everything they had told him would have been ruled out as hearsay(6) I must highlight that this could be bad information and hearsay .(7) according to hearsay, Bob had managed to break his arm(8) Nor had they put the witness statement in as hearsay evidence.(9) There again, who am I to make sweeping generalisations about the movie based merely on hearsay and gossip?(10) So, an unlabelled film you haven't seen yet with no more provenance than hearsay contains conclusive proof?(11) The irony has often been that charges were based on hearsay and rumour rather than on proper research and verification.(12) The government has never admitted the key information was based on hearsay .(13) At a time the media should show responsibility in its reportage of a crisis, several foreign correspondents have been relying on hearsay and rumour.(14) Anything that happens after Wednesday is simply hearsay and rumours.(15) according to hearsay, Bez had managed to break his arm(16) This evidence was strictly hearsay and as such was inadmissible.
Related Words
(1) hearsay ::
1. rumor ::
2. gossip ::
3. tittle-tattle ::
சிறு துணுக்கு-உளரல்
4. idle talk ::
வீண் பேச்சுகள்
7. the grapevine ::
முந்திரி கொடி
8. scuttlebutt ::
9. loose lips ::
தளர்வான உதடுகள்
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