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Hyrax :
hyrax உள்ளன
- hyrax உள்ளன

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Noun(1) any of several small ungulate mammals of Africa and Asia with rodent-like incisors and feet with hooflike toes

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(1) The hyrax - elephant - sirenian core is well-accepted on morphological grounds.(2) The so-called ‘dawn horse’, or Eohippus, was most likely not related to horses at all, but was very like a modern-day hyrax - that is, a rock badger or coney.(3) The hyrax remarked wryly, ‘Looks like somebody beat us to it, m'friend.‘(4) Nick responded to my post about Badger's God with a link to a nice picture of the hyrax or rock badger that appears in the Bible.(5) Tour archaeological sites in Jerusalem and Masada, hike through desert canyons to see hyrax and ibex.(6) Some of these dassies, these hyraxes , went into the rocks, but this one actually climbs into the treetops.(7) Less certain are manatees, aardvarks, and hyraxes .(8) So do wombats, hyraxes , aye-ayes, and lagomorphs, to give a few examples chosen from modern mammals.(9) From the molecular viewpoint, however, the phylogenetic relationship among elephants, sirenians, and hyraxes remains confused.
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