English to Tamil Meaning :: reprieve

Reprieve :
இடை ஓய்வு
- இடை ஓய்வுஅவகாசம்reprievesreprieving

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Noun(1) a (temporary(2) an interruption in the intensity or amount of something(3) a warrant granting postponement (usually to postpone the execution of the death sentence(4) the act of reprieving; postponing or remitting punishment
Verb(1) postpone the punishment of a convicted criminal, such as an execution(2) relieve temporarily

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(1) The necessary delays in explaining the new evidence, the mechanics of ordering a reprieve and so on are then all simply omitted.(2) The exchange between the mayor, Sheriff Hartwell and him when he first appears with the reprieve from the governor is simply priceless.(3) Ibrahim recently received a reprieve when an Egyptian court released him and ordered a retrial - after a strong protest from the Bush Administration.(4) We had a brief reprieve earlier this week from the oppressive heat of the Washington summer, but the last couple days have been dangerously hot.(5) The victim's fellow prisoners may bang the hot water pipes in sympathy but they also bet their Sunday bacon on whether or not he'll get a reprieve .(6) I actually laughed out loud during the scene, partly as a temporary reprieve from the tension, partly out of sheer admiration for Anderson's gifts.(7) a mother who faced eviction has been given a reprieve(8) This may be a welcome reprieve , but taxpayers and their advisors should still consider the proposed rules when evaluating investments.(9) An increased supply of rental accommodation has resulted in a welcome reprieve from spiralling rents for tenants around the country, and particularly in Dublin.(10) Another possible outcome is that global uncertainty could give the US dollar a reprieve from its recent slide.(11) Worse, the reprieve came too late for the Glazers.(12) I once spent hours sketching, a wonderful reprieve from the endless flow of words my work entails.(13) The theater becomes a site of self-forgetfulness for audiences who experience a reprieve from disciplines associated with memory.(14) Therefore, what they all need is a temporary reprieve , a carefully engineered environment of apparent dollar strength that will allow them to quietly unload what they could never openly propose to sell.(15) he accepted the death sentence and refused to appeal for a reprieve(16) However, the foreign earnings deduction, which is due to expire at the end of this month did not receive a reprieve .
Related Words
(1) reprieve ::
இடை ஓய்வு
1. stay of execution ::
மரணதண்டனை தங்க
2. respite ::
3. abatement ::
5. save ::
6. respite ::
Different Forms
reprieve, reprieved, reprieves, reprieving
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