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மருத்துவச்சி, மகப்பேறு மருத்துவராக, progenitrix, தாய்

Midwife    :மருத்துவச்சி


Midwife - மருத்துவச்சி

Midwifed :: midwifed

Midwifes :: midwifes

Midwifing :: midwifing


Related Words

1. midwife :: மருத்துவச்சி


1. accoucheuse ::

Different forms

midwife, midwifed, midwifes, midwifing

English to Tamil Dictionary: midwife
Meaning and definitions of midwife, translation in Tamil language for midwife with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of midwife in Tamil and in English language.

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What midwife means in Tamil, midwife meaning in Tamil, midwife definition, examples and pronunciation of midwife in Tamil language.

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