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உண்மையாக, veracious, நேர்மையான, veridical
veracious, உண்மை, உண்மையாக, உண்மைத்தன்மையை

Veracious    :veracious


Veracious - veracious

Veraciously :: veraciously



1. right :: வலது


1. dishonest :: நேர்மையற்ற

2. lying :: பொய்

3. mendacious :: உண்மையற்றதாகவும்

Different forms

veracious, veraciously

English to Tamil Dictionary: veracious
Meaning and definitions of veracious, translation in Tamil language for veracious with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of veracious in Tamil and in English language.

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What veracious means in Tamil, veracious meaning in Tamil, veracious definition, examples and pronunciation of veracious in Tamil language.

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