English to Tamil Meaning or Translation of 'Insomnia'


insomnia (Noun) - /in·som·ni·a/ - /inˈsämnēə/

insomnia: தூக்கம் இன்மை

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English to English meaning of 'insomnia'

1. an inability to sleep; chronic sleeplessness

Synonyms of 'insomnia'

sleeplessness, wakefulness

Examples of 'insomnia'

1. A full serving of the graveyard shift, with a side of insomnia, drunks and memories. Read Article
2. One that springs to mind for some reason is a tendency towards depression and insomnia. Read Article
3. British singer Toyah Willcox has credited acupuncture with ending her 40 years of insomnia. Read Article
4. <has suffered from insomnia virtually his entire life>
5. Insomnia is no longer considered an innocuous malady. Read Article
6. In Europe, it's still commonly used to help with stress, anxiety and insomnia. Read Article

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