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Among the exemplary health promotion programs reviewed several were deemed to be particularly relevant to new immigrant women This is particularly true of a group of quilts made in northern New York State as exemplified by the Pieties quilt illustrated on page 18 After exhaustive testing they found that a long track in the circuit board had functioned as the antenna Leading advocates at times dropped it as they moved up others picked it up and dropped it as political exigencies demanded The retired priest is one of a team of 12 exorcists in the diocese called out to deal with haunted buildings and occult disturbances Women are very happy to work extremely hard on a project when an outsider such as an expatriate advisor or consultant takes responsibility but will not take the initiative to begin a process His positions have perfectly tracked whatever was politically expedient at the moment Units began sending expeditors to assist in sorting through the everincreasing volume of receipts He is to be sacrificed to ensure the sins of the settlement are expiated The way in which the protagonist lovingly pets her samosas tells you more about her social aspirations than any number of pages of clunky exposition could I am sick of the paranoid expostulations of our politicians on the threat of terrorism and terrorist activity in our country In comparative studies using model organisms extant taxa are often referred to as basal When he was playing the sound of his jazz masked the noise in his ear when he was resting the noise in his ear provided a convenient backing for mental extemporisation The extirpation of beaver a keystone species in 1900 was especially devastating to the watershed But the Yates case revealed a deep gender divide about the isolation and stress of family and motherhood in a society that extols selfsufficiency as its premiere human value Should he be extradited to Spain to stand trial for the grave crimes of which he is accused One trainer has been ordering his jockeys to take out the plugs which block out extraneous noise during racing and are designed to encourage calmness at particular points near the finish
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