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Sawmill - (மரம் அறுக்கும் ஆலை) :: Good jobs in the rural West once came predominantly from sawmills ranches and mines

Administrative - (நிர்வாக) :: She said her new role would be a more managerial and administrative one

Dissolve - (கலைக்கவும்) :: Generally church courts do not dissolve marriages but annul them by declaring that no genuine marriage took place

Administrator - (நிர்வாகி) :: In Plymouth Derriford Hospital is making 90 administrators redundant to save money


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Live - (வாழ) :: These musicians will perform a live holiday music show from a boxcar stage

Lively - (உற்சாகமூட்டுவதாக) :: Ever since he broke into Alexs first team as a lively 16year old away to Gillingham in October 2000 he has looked the part

Living - (வாழ்க்கை) :: She is the newest addition to the long list of star ambassadors preaching the benefits of healthy living

Load - (சுமை) :: It took them four days just to fill the bowls at home and about three hours to load the van to transport them

Loan - (கடன்) :: If anyone wants to take out a loan borrow money or get something on hire purchase they have to agree to a credit check being done on them to make sure they are safe with other peoples money


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Meager - (வெறும்) :: He lives very meagerly and asks no buddy for help they dont care

Meander - (நெளிவு) :: Ali led the way to a place where the river meandered away from the road looping around a tall stand of deciduous forest that stood alone like an island

Mellow - (கனிந்த) :: He chose a Barbaresco wine 1995 Italian red naturally a wonderfully mellow and aromatic wine which if you can afford it is excellent

Menagerie - (தொகுப்பிலிருந்து) :: Some larger menageries house animals in small barren cages that in no way encourage visitors to respect wildlife nor do they educate facilitate research or help with species preservation

Mendacious - (உண்மையற்றதாகவும்) :: If the emphasis does not change moving away from the meaningless and mendacious formfilling of the current regime the wool will continue to be pulled over the eyes of the public and the regulator


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Ensnare (சிக்க) :: This is a wonderful time of year to be driving on country roads and its sometimes easy to forget when simmering along in the dense urban traffic that so often ensnares us just how much glorious driving terrain we have in Britain

Cleave (ஒட்டிக்கொண்டாலும்) :: The music just cleaved to the story it belongs to the images like nothing else Ive ever tried to do

Verve (பெரும் ஆர்வம்) :: With verve and vigour they hold on to their ideal of delivering the message of peace

Mackintosh (மெக்கின்டோஷும்) :: The macintosh jacket is updated with delicate details such as a belted collar and flowerprint lining

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Verb :: தாக்குவதற்கும், படையெடுத்து, தாக்குதல், விழும், கடிந்துரை, சூழ்ந்துகொண்டது, மூழ்கடித்துவிடும், கடக்க, அடிமைப்படுத்தி, தோல்வி, அமிழ்த்து, ஒடுக்குகிற, , வெற்றி
Meaning :: தாக்குவதற்கும், கொப்புளம்
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