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Clumsy - (விகாரமான) :: But lefthanders are renowned for being awkward and clumsy and in some societies they are still looked upon with suspicion

Foot - (கால்) :: a captain of foot

Knuckle - (புறமாகச்) :: Hit the edge of the drum with the knuckly part of your palm and let your fingers bounce off the head

Spiky - (இரப்பைகள்) :: During my journey back from the cold depths to the surface water warmed by the summer sun I spot a large red scorpionfish its poisonous dorsal spines spikily raised in defiant pose

Brush - (தூரிகை) :: The flycatcher was seen lurking in the low brush bordering a secluded pond


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Protection - (பாதுகாப்பு) :: I also know that some of these rogue elements gain businesses by threatening businessmen and demanding protection money

Protest - (எதிர்ப்பு) :: A committee of 56 workers has been organizing to protest what they call sweatshop conditions

Proud - (பெருமை) :: She was to be proud of her heritage proud of whom she was

Prove - (நிரூபிக்க) :: you dont have to prove anything


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Veneer - (போர்வையை) :: The units are made of plywood with a maple veneer and are attached to the wall studs

Venerate - (பூஜித்து) :: It is in your nature to be worshipped and venerated by those around you

Veneration - (பூஜை) :: the traditional veneration of saints

Venial - (மன்னிக்கத்தக்கப்) :: Maybe there is some connection here but its very odd to describe anyone as motivated by veniality


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Reprobation (நிராகரித்தல்) ::

Inimitable (பார்த்துப் பின்பற்ற) :: Written in Jonathans inimitable style this book gives a wonderful feel for those exciting times

Scathing (கடுமையான) :: Last week Thai retailers launched a scathing attack on the government for not doing enough to protect them from foreign competitors

Tumbrel (tumbrel) ::

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Noun :: லார்வா, புழு, குறும்பு, நகைச்சுவை, கொக்கி, கருத்து, ஆடம்பரமான
Meaning :: புழு
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