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Dugong - (அவில்லியா) :: Genetic evidence suggests that the elephants closest relatives in evolutionary terms are manatees and dugongs herbivorous sea cows that live fulltime in the water

Panther - (சிறுத்தை) :: Thus you get the flora and fauna of both tigers panthers wild boar and pythons tread the same tracks as reindeer wolves and sables

Caiman - (Caiman) :: The zoo here is now playing host to a pair each of seamy crocodiles alligators and caimans giving the city dwellers a glimpse of some rare species


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Centre - (சென்டர்) ::

Century - (நூற்றாண்டு) :: The cross bow loops in the south wall are similar to an example in the west wall of Whites Castle and may be dated to the fifteenth century

Ceremony - (விழா) :: Behind all the pomp and ceremony of Louis XIVs court the ancien regime was rotting

Certain - (சில) :: A vote on this issue was withdrawn last week as it was certain to be defeated

Certainly - (நிச்சயமாக) :: Certainly madam he replied


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Obligate - (பிணைப்பான) :: Many times this requires an interpreter for whom the physician is obligated to pay

Oblique - (சாய்ந்த) :: He was expected to miss camp time with a strained oblique muscle which didnt help his chances of making the roster

Obliterate - (அழி) :: Napalm was used widely against civilians and most major cities were obliterated

Oblivious - (அறியாமல்) :: This government is just as oblivious to the suffering of Bahamians as ever before

Obscure - (தெளிவற்ற) :: The rest for me at least remained obscure and even with the text in hand dubious


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Mound (மேட்டின்) :: If you put the tub above ground you can build a waterfall but you will have to mound dirt around it to help conceal it

Depression (மன) :: the depression in the housing market

Fulcrum (ஆதாரக்) :: At the anterior edge of the fulcrum of the pleura is a small articulating process which fit into a socket in the preceding pleura or the margin of the fixed cheek

Desperate (ஆற்றொணா) :: We are desperate for people to come and help us to keep the group running

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Adjective :: திறமையான, பண்பு, மெச்சத்தக்க
Meaning :: மெச்சத்தக்க
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