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Run - (ரன்) :: Overhead fans run all day during the summer and the water in the pools is changed frequently

Forfeit - (விட்டுக்) :: Even the prospect of signing a prenuptial agreement stating that in case of a divorce I would be required to forfeit my rights to custody of my children

Forge - (போலியாக்குவது) :: The actual melting point of steels is nearly twice as hot at temperatures difficult to reach outside the specialized conditions of a foundry or forge

Bail - (ஜாமீன்) :: drawers fitted with brass bail handles

Forgery - (அவை மோசடியாக) :: If they turn out to be forgeries Ill certainly be happy to admit to having jumped the gun on the issue


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Nephew - (மருமகன்) :: On occasion his position became hereditary sons cousins nephews succeeding

Nerve - (நரம்பு) :: People lose their nerve in the middle of a sentence and walk off muttering they sit and brood by themselves and best yet all the time people are getting stupid drunk

Nervous - (பதட்டமாக) :: We were pretty stressed and nervous about taking Arthur after the horrible accident of last weekend

Nest - (கூடு) :: They would sit at the bottom of the stands with their wares sitting in a nest of ice chipped from a big block answering requests from the fans above them

Net - (நிகர) :: Approval even came over the radio net to shoot dogs to prevent them from being rigged with explosives


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Erudition - (புலமை) :: he was known for his wit erudition and teaching skills

Eschew - (தவிர்த்தொதுக்கிடுவார்) :: He eschews the uniform of the boardroom boss preferring sports jackets and casual boots to the traditional Savile Row suit and handmade brogues

Esoteric - (ஆச்சரியத்திற்குரிய) :: It means that you live in one place but exist in another esoteric imaginary plane unshackled by fact or memory

Espouse - (மணம்புரி) :: My father falling in love with a poor relation espoused her privately and I was the first fruit of that marriage


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Determiner (துணிகாரணி) :: In this intermediate period especially indefinite determiners seem to be distributed in a quite clear cut way according to the specificity of the referents introduced by the respective noun phrases

Equinoctial (இரவும் பகலும் சமமான) :: They are also equinoctial tides occurring just after the autumn equinox on September 23 which would normally bring the highest tides of the year

Quietus (இறப்பு) :: Not the bloody quietus of Titus or Hamlet or Braveheart it wasnt frank enough nor so wrenching

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Verb :: கலந்து, சங்கமமாகும், குழப்பநிலை, குழப்பு, கலவை, , கடந்து
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