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Carcass - (உடலில்) :: she saw the mudcovered carcass of a sheep

Conservationist - (சுற்றுச்சூழல் ஆர்வலரான) :: Those then are some reasons why good farmers are conservationists and why all farmers ought to be

Winemaker - (winemaker) :: Greek winemakers are making a determined effort with their native white wine grapes

Cock - (சேவல்) :: we perched on a halfbuilt cock of hay

Conservation - (பாதுகாப்பு) :: It would solve real problems energy conservation sickbuilding syndrome resource depletion


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Game - (விளையாட்டு) :: Anyone who can tell you how long to hang game or any meat unless you are using a butchers chiller is either a liar or a prophet

Gap - (இடைவெளி) :: Last summer when the park shut at 8pm teenagers would sneak through a gap in the hedge and congregate in groups

Garage - (கேரேஜ்) :: The study in France found a link between cases of acute leukaemia among youngsters and how close they lived to a petrol station or a garage carrying out car repairs

Garbage - (குப்பை) :: Natalie tried to fish the bracelet out of the garbage and put it back together


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Posterity - (கவனத்துடன்) :: The interests of the posterity shall rule in defining the interests of the general welfare

Posthumous - (இறப்பு) :: She was a genius and deserves a posthumous award of some kind

Postulate - (அனுமானத்தின்) :: We also postulated that there could be different protein isoforms that correlated with these temporal and spatial transcripts

Potable - (பருகத்தகும்) :: So its the waterborne illnesses the lack of access to clean potable water


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Tambourine (தம்புராவை) :: At this stage we are confident however there is a rumour circulating around musical circles that one of the tambourinists may be taking a break from music mid to late next year

Unction (அபிஷேகம்) :: Then theres the wonderfully blue pool two saunas two steam rooms and two Jacuzzis changing rooms steeped in aromatic unctions and potions hair dryers cozzie dryers private showers and complimentary towels

Advisory (ஆலோசனைக்) :: The agency and the Scottish executive are set to work much more closely with industry through a new advisory body

Importunate (தொல்லை கொடுக்கிற) :: In his diary he describes how he saw various forms of squalor disease and deformityall manner of importunate beggary

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Noun :: தூய்மையின்மை, அவதூறு, இடிக்கப்பட்டது, மாசு, கறைகளையும், பரிசுத்தமற்றுப்போவதை
Meaning :: இடிக்கப்பட்டது
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