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Limp - (சுண்ணாம்பு) :: Angela quickly recovered from her stumble and began to limp while walking ahead of him hoping he wouldnt notice

Niggle - (அற்ற விவரங்களில் காலத்தை வீணாக்கு) :: No I dont but its one of those things that is niggling at the back of my mind

Ultrasound - (அல்ட்ராசவுண்ட்) :: The counselor will also want to look over your medical records including any ultrasounds prenatal test results past pregnancies and medications you may have taken before or during pregnancy

Malady - (பிணி) :: He aged with dignity despite kidney disease and other maladies

Psychiatry - (உளவியலின்) :: If psychiatry is to move forward it is necessary but not sufficient to resist state coercion and to listen to patients


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Four - (நான்கு) :: I read four of the stories

Fourteen - (பதினான்கு) :: Ill call thirteen or fourteen more

Fourth - (நான்காவது) :: It was the schools first BC title since 1984 when the colleges cagers finished fourth at the Canadians

Frame - (சட்ட) :: Just then there was a knock on the door and a tall frame entered

Free - (இலவச) :: Lord Prossers recent retirement has left him free to air his opinions


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Resolution - (தீர்மானம்) :: He stared at me curiously though behind that curiosity was a firm resolution I had no idea of

Resolve - (தீர்க்க) :: The same cast of mind also tended to seek simple universal formulae to resolve any problem no matter how complex

Resonant - (ஒத்ததிர்வு) :: In fact people make decisions based on emotive associations that are formed by the creation of simple easily grasped emotionally resonant frames that are then repeated ad nauseam

Respite - (ஓய்வுக்கான) :: The charity concentrates on providing happy memories for the child and their family as well as respite from their normal routines of hospitals doctors and treatment

Resplendent - (பிரகாசத்துடன்) :: Helen and Philip were blessed with a beautiful day with the church looking resplendent


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Teetotal (மது வகைகளை ஒதுக்கி வைக்கிற) :: In the 1830s a third movement the teetotal movement emerged and radicalized temperance reform in two ways

Antenuptial (antenuptial) ::

Batman (பேட்மேன்) :: And his batman was a splendid chap and produced tea you see with a lovely silver teapot out of the house and every thing else in the middle of the battle

Corduroy (கார்டுராய்) :: The chalk type works best on flat surfaces while the wax version performs better on textured fabrics such as boucl or corduroy

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