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Serpent - (பாம்பு) :: He pours libations at his fathers tomb and a seven spiraled serpent slithers from the mound

Tapeworm - (நாடாப் புழு) :: Roundworms tapeworms and hookworms most commonly infect cats

Sardine - (விலை மிக்க மணிக்கல்) :: Decent dietary sources of vitamin D to include in the diet include kippers mackerel sardines and salmon

Tapir - (பன்றி) :: The exhibit will highlight the jaguar but also will feature golden lion tamarins tapirs anteaters and other animals


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Concert - (கச்சேரி) :: they found direct evidence of concert of action

Conclude - (முடிவுக்கு) :: All of Edinburghs contract negotiations for the coming season have now been concluded bringing the squad to 27 players

Conclusion - (தீர்மானம்) :: The success of this Convention depends on conclusion of such AGREEMENTS

Concrete - (கான்கிரீட்) :: Brand awareness should be a stepping stone to more concrete action like opposing sweatshop labour but its not an end in itself

Condition - (நிலை) :: As regards the second condition peaceful relations have indeed developed among the consolidated democracies of the West


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Furrow - (வரப்பு) :: Botox also could be useful for alleviating migraine headaches and lower back pain and for cosmetic uses such as brow furrow and crows feet

Furtive - (கள்ளத்தனமான) :: But his gaze was not nervous or furtive but controlling establishing a zone that she was not to enter

Futile - (வீண்) :: its a futile cause

Gaffe - (ஆய்ந்தறியாமல்) :: I kept things moving reasonably well and didnt commit any major gaffes or trip over my words too badly


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Pointless (பிரயோஜனமும்) :: The models are detailed but uninteresting lines flat colors and predictable pans render them pointless

Greet (வாழ்த்த) :: We arrived there after a little drizzle and a pleasant earthy smell greeted our noses when we got out of the car

Unacquainted (பற்றி அறியாவதவர்களாகவே) :: It is also highly embarrassing to read DeGroots confession that he is unacquainted with prior works by Devine who is arguably one of the most prolific and exciting scholars working in the field of Scottish history

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