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Open - (திறந்த) :: The programmes helped them open boutiques or join garment companies as fashion designers

Wear - (அணிய) :: Our academics have won prizes for their work on Maori but it is my guess that much of their work wont wear well over time

Neck - (கழுத்து) :: You need best end of neck lamb chops but dont overtrim them leave a little fat on for flavour

Necklace - (நெக்லஸ்) :: After a resurgence of vigilante action including necklacing he had asked the agencies for information on why it was happening

Corset - (மகளிர் அணியும் இறுக்கமுடைய மார்புக் கச்சு) :: Fashion in clothes often influences body shape witness the corset and the wasp waist


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Smooth - (மென்மையான) :: The movements were smooth and the steps small the dancers always held their upper bodies regally

Snake - (பாம்பு) :: Although venomous snakes can sometimes deliver a dry bite without releasing their poison all bites require immediate hospital treatment

Snow - (பனி) :: They are saying it will snow again tonight


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Precept - (கட்டளை) :: Then the aspirant has her head shaved and takes her first set of precepts 10 training rules

Precinct - (எல்லை) :: So thats part of the reason that Georgia has become the first and only state in the United States to have touchscreen voting in every single precinct in every single county in the state

Precipice - (செங்குத்து பாறை) :: The route almost continuous Zbends on the edge of precipices is one few drivers are willing to risk

Precipitate - (வீழ்படிவுறுகிறது) :: The modest falloff which ensued was followed by a more precipitate decline in World War I the result of a cut in mine production occasioned by labour shortages

Precipitous - (அகன்றும்) :: In the case of one ion the all important carbonate ion the decrease is precipitous


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Skirmish (சண்டையிலிருந்து) :: For three years it has been negotiating peace with Manila all the while keeping up skirmishes against the national army

Whimper (தேங்கு) :: The question is will he go out with a whimper or a bang

Pledge (உறுதிமொழி) :: We had shaken on it writing it down as a solemn pledge against dating one boy

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Noun :: புகலிடமாக, பரிசுத்த ஸ்தலத்தின், தங்குமிடம், கோட்டையில், , கருவறை, வாசஸ்தலத்தின்
Meaning :: பரிசுத்த ஸ்தலத்தின்
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