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:: The huge metal structure that rises from the ground is at once beautiful and disturbing:: Electronic fuzz oscillates in the background as Matters sways in and out of a lilting tune lines like We played hide and seek in waterfalls sharing the same melodic cadence as the album title:: By the looks of her fuzzy hair and her tired eyes it appears as though Stephanie fell asleep in the hospital:: Is a canine version of cognitive behavioural therapy the answer:: They come to the temple to offer worship:: Sharing a few beers on an evening is I think an essential part of going on a business trip:: Williams is a rangy player who flies all over the field:: Fullers were responsible for working raw and stiff cloth until it was supple enough to be used in making garments and other products:: It may be worth a few bob in years to come but that was not the reason I bought it:: The root of the hair extends down into the follicle and widens into a bulb at its base which is the center of hair growth:: The rectum at the end of the colon is where faeces collect before they are expelled through the anus as a bowel movement:: The consequence that interests us the most here is that youll be able to achieve a much closer shave :: And wool prices are so low it no longer pays to shear the sheep:: Rabbit aortas and pig coronary arteries were used in this study:: Running through a small channel toward the rear of the vertebrae is the spinal cord:: I stomp into the house in my muddy boots without considering that my mother will have to fetch a mop and bucket and clean up after me:: In the film Olivers attempt to get Fagin to pray is overwhelmed by the emotional intensity of Fagins sense of parting from the young orphan he took in:: As regards the second condition peaceful relations have indeed developed among the consolidated democracies of the West:: However the aisle saleslady promoting shampoos and hair conditioners need not spend quite so long trying to convince totally bald men which brand they should try next:: If he understands that its a dog of a deal why do you think hed consider supporting it:: Her eyes looked down the length of Katrinas body taking in the full measure of the bronzed body underneath her:: As I lay on my side too choked with inward giggling to move into a less awkward and uncomfortable position my mother appeared:: Weathered rocks in all shapes sizes and color added to natural beauty of the serene surrounding:: She has a demeanor and magnetism that attracts individuals and makes them feel very comfortable in her presence:: She slowly got up and her knees buckled:: On one side new media with new styles are booming on the other credibility crises have kneecapped such previously authoritative institutions as CBS News The New York Times and the BBC:: his mouth gave a slight twitch:: He is no longer full of twitchy nervous energy
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