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:: Smoking is a risk factor for cancer of the lung mouth larynx bladder kidney and several other organs:: Gentle and debonair in manners he knows how to be a submissive husband and cater to the needs of his sweetheart:: Im going to drink nothing but warm Budweiser cut my hair into a mullet and turn my living room into a replica of Nassau Coliseum complete with strobe and laser lights and bad acoustics:: The song ended with a call for the nymphette to go home to her mama before we go too far Ohohoh:: Jade nodded with a contemplative expression and led him down to the lower floors:: Now crimp a 15metre length of 275 lb wire to this:: The costumes and makeup copious black eyeliner bouffant hairdos reflect the fashions of the 1960s rather than the novels Regency setting:: The next ball I went to field took a bad bounce and hit me up on the right shoulder:: He had the brightest blue eyes and a wide toothy grin :: A tall grizzled man with wild greying hair wearing an old cheesecloth shirt he is incongruous in a settlement remarkable for its neat wellspaced houses and broad central avenue:: She spent most of the time sneering down her nose at people:: Dont just sit there while the girls softball team attracts all the hotties to their lunch table:: As blood travels around the body in arteries and veins it is under pressure:: The people who moved in the languid yet haughty movements of the proper dances of the day seemed like ghosts to her ghosts from a world which she did not know:: Close up Penny could see he had mud in his long lank hair:: While Ethan was rather short and more fit Brook was tall thin and lanky :: The wedgeshaped head is often wolf or foxlike with short erect ears:: I tackled my wardrobes about a year ago but like an unkempt ivy disorder and chaos has returned:: What exactly is equally valid with sleaze populism and unloveliness I wonder:: The band has been together since 1999 and was started up by Thomas Watts and Ryan Mucha:: I dont want to sound like a character in Ab Fab who wants to give it all up and bang tambourines with a bandeau but thats pretty much how I feel at the moment:: Turnips were broadcastseeded following one disk tillage of wheat stubble in late July:: In the arena of open competition the talkers are quickly moved to the bottom of the rankings:: Sometimes Ive had lobster rolls where the meat was stringy and hard to bite through:: Will she call on salamanders and sylphs as well I wonder:: a sheet of dimple foam:: Like Maxim with its lameoid tour of silicon bimbos coming to our very special town international Smirnoff is looking to grab more of the market any way it can:: She pulled to a jerky stop at the foot of the front stoop:: This involves a thorough clean and polish of the teeth to remove the sticky plaque that can build up
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