English to Tamil Meaning of stiff - கடினமான

Stiff :

கடின, கடினமான, வலுவான, திட, துணிவுமிக்க, திடமான, நெகிழ்வற்ற, உறுதியான, தளர்ந்து விடாமல், பச்சைய, பிடிவாதமாக, செங்குத்தான, மேல்நோக்கி, கடினமாக, நிறுவனம், துணியை, கடுமையான, கனரக, இறந்த, இறந்தவரின், தாமதமாக, உயிரற்ற, அழிந்து, இன்னும், தவிர்க்கமுடியாதது, தீரமுள்ள, கட்டுக்கடங்காத, நிலைகொள்ளாமலும், வெல்லமுடியாத, விறைத்த, உணர்ச்சியில்லாமல்

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Definitions of stiff in English
Noun(1) an ordinary man(2) the dead body of a human being
Adjective(1) not moving or operating freely(2) powerful(3) rigidly formal(4) having a strong physiological or chemical effect(5) marked by firm determination or resolution; not shakable(6) incapable of or resistant to bending(7) very drunk
Adverb(1) extremely(2) in a stiff manner
Examples of stiff in English
(1) She could do with a stiff drink after all the riding and running she'd done today.(2) My legs were stiff and a little sore from sitting still so long.(3) If your elbows get too straight they will be stiff and you can easily get pulled out of the saddle.(4) By insisting, however, on such a stiff income tax rate, the allied powers had created ample opportunities for the scheme just described.(5) However, outside of China, in Japan for instance, such an effort will meet stiff resistance from habit users and from simple economic forces.(6) She shut the door, sealing herself off from the noise, and poured herself a stiff drink.(7) Fulner sat in his chair for a few moments, scared stiff , before regaining his composure and speaking.(8) With all that cash tucked under the mattress, it is not easy for a working stiff to understand why he wants to do an Edinburgh show.(9) Fortunately, I'm currently in the midst of sobering up a little before I go to sleep, thanks to the stiff breeze blowing in through my bedroom window.(10) It was obvious these guys were scared stiff of something, but what?(11) Recent, but unconfirmed reports, suggests the stiff competition and generally tough trading conditions has not been as bad as previously expected.(12) I'm going to go have a stiff drink and try to forget I ever heard about this.(13) "This is a fairly stiff penalty for what we did," said Norris.(14) And it's been the kind of week so far that makes you want a nice stiff drink.(15) Be prepared for a stiff climb, but the sundial and the view of Houghton and Hillbrow is worth the huffing and puffing.(16) The water content of doughnut mixtures is important; the dough must be stiff enough to be shaped, but still contain plenty of moisture to give the light spongy texture of the cooked product.
Related Phrases of stiff
(1) stiff neck ::
பிடிப்பான கழுத்து
(2) scared stiff ::
பயமாக கடினமான
(3) stiff upper lip ::
கடினமான மேல் உதடு
(4) stiff competition ::
கடினமான போட்டி
(5) stiff-necked ::
கடினமான கழுத்து
(6) keep a stiff upper lip ::
ஒரு கடினமான மேல் உதடு வைத்து
(7) bored stiff ::
சலித்து கடினமான
(8) stiff arm ::
கடினமான கை
(9) very stiff ::
மிகவும் கடினமான
(10) feel stiff ::
கடினமான உணர
1. rigid ::
2. semisolid ::
3. aching ::
4. formal ::
5. harsh ::
6. vigorous ::
7. difficult ::
8. strong ::
9. sozzled ::
10. steadfast ::
11. starchy ::
12. cadaver ::
மனிதனின் உயிரற்ற உடல்
1. flexible ::
2. pliable ::
வளைந்து கொடுக்கும்
3. pliant ::
வளைந்து கொடுக்கும்
4. supple ::
Different Forms
stiff, stiffed, stiffen, stiffened, stiffening, stiffens, stiffer, stiffest, stiffing, stiffly, stiffness, stiffs
Word Example from TV Shows
- Stiff? Whose stiff y? What?
- Hey, hey.

- Stiff? Whose STIFF y? What? - Hey, hey.

Breaking Bad Season 5, Episode 8

- Is there something wrong with your neck?
- It's a little stiff.

- Is there something wrong with your neck? - It's a little STIFF.

The Big Bang Theory Season 4, Episode 24

- Stiff? Whose stiff y? What?
- Hey, hey.

- Stiff? Whose STIFF y? What? - Hey, hey.

Breaking Bad Season 5, Episode 8

You and your stiff hair.

You and your STIFF hair.

Breaking Bad Season 5, Episode 8

You okay?
Oh, yeah.
My neck's a little stiff.

You okay? Oh, yeah. My neck's a little STIFF.

The Big Bang Theory Season 12, Episode 22

English to Tamil Dictionary: stiff

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