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Cutter - (கட்டர்) :: It was the kind of setting that summons one to do nothing at all and I was working toward that goal when around the headland appeared the silhouette of a small cutter beating in from the open sea

Moped - (மொபெட்) :: So would more widespread use of bicycles and mopeds to freeup road space

Whaler - (Whaler) :: Fisheries science has long argued that whalers were killing too many whales and that their numbers were dwindling alarmingly

Aeronaut - (வானோடி) :: Ironically the dunes remaining are not the ones from which the famous aeronauts tried their flying machines


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Slight - (லேசான) :: Taylor understands the idiom quite perfectly and he manages to bring a grandeur and nobility to the admittedly slight work

Slip - (சீட்டு) :: Dear Capn Drew We keep our pontoon boat in a slip for three months during the summer on Lake Sunapee NH

Slope - (சாய்வு) :: Statistical analysis for significant difference in the slope of mutant induction in the presence or absence of vanillin was performed using the ftest for comparison of slopes

Slow - (மெதுவாக) :: In our tests this printer was slow noisy and yielded the least impressive results even with the subtle photo cartridge in place


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Milieu - (சூழல்) :: Merton and Barber reveal social milieus to be productive or receptive to the concept

Milk - (பால்) :: the breed does seem to milk better in harder conditions

Minatory - (பயமுறுத்துகிற) :: It will break the daily monotony of riding on cramped and airless trains

Mince - (நறுக்கு) :: Lets face it beef mince especially is the worst quality meat product that is allowed to be sold


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Sleazy (ஒழுக்கங்கெட்ட) :: Monday night was another night of the fiddley diddley where Sammy ensured he picked up a title with the sleazy shirt award

Pitiless (இரக்கம் அற்ற) :: Here the artist painstakingly compresses history into an unfathomable listing of dates and we become a pitiless witness

Rhapsodize (வீரகாவியம் எழுது) :: Mario plays Dean Martin in the kitchen dancing around and rhapsodizing about pigeons in truffle

Essential (அத்தியாவசிய) :: The love of beauty is an essential part of human nature

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